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It’s that time of year again!
The Summer of Riesling!  From June 21 – September 21 we will celebrate riesling with the world!  Read more about it here.   We will have flights of German riesling, called “sekts” so that you can have the best sekts of your life with us! 


What is it?
A love affair with the world’s greatest grape expressed in full Technicolor.

because the glory of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles…
and the problem of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles.

Every corner of the globe where wine is available.

From June 21st to September 21st (we ain’t kidding when we call it the Summer of Riesling!).

By bringing everyone together and handing them a glass of Riesling and engaging them in conversation, with the thrust of the dialogue centering on:
Balance…of bone-crushing acidity and potential sweetness
Complexity…like a conversation with Rust Cohle about M-Theory
Delicacy…as if Lionel Messi was shimmying through the Real Madrid defense
Longevity…suffice it to say, a sword of Valyrian steel does not last as long
Sense of Place…even Bigfoot’s footprint cannot encapsulate all the terroir that Riesling contains

(From our friends who run the Summer of Riesling Website.  Because, they say it best. )


Sparkling Wine Flight 062514


Sparkling Wine Flight 062514b


The idea to start a single-barrel spirits program originally came from a meeting with David Wondrich when we were finishing up our build-out.  Bar director Dave Shenaut asked Wondrich how we could make the bar program more historically accurate.  We were already planning on timeless leather-and-wood decor and a strong foundation of classic, historic, and/or forgotten cocktails.  Wondrich advised us that in 1883 (the year the Ladd Carriage House was built), bars in Portland had absorbent sawdust on the floors in place of toilets, no bar stools at the bar, nearly all-male patronage, and gave change only in coins.  In addition, it would have been standard for bars to buy entire barrels of spirits such as whiskey, brandy, tequila (known as “Mexican brandy”), and rum.  The barrels were tapped and bottles were filled in-house.

Since we had already invested in flushing toilets and custom extra-comfy bar stools, and since owner Lisa Mygrant wasn’t super keen on the idea of only allowing male customers into the bar… we were left to focus on the idea of a single-barrel program.  We also cleaned out the local bank of their dollar coins and fifty-cent pieces, much to our bartenders’ chagrin.
We decided to start with one barrel and see how it went.  We focused on a quote from our favorite year, 1883, that Wondrich had tweeted:
Boston Herald, 1883: “I think [readers] will agree with me that a Manhattan Cocktail is about as good as anything that can be manufactured.”
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Well, then… what better place to start than a Manhattan?  We set out to select our first single barrel, Four Roses bourbon, to be the base spirit of our house Manhattan.  Four Roses provided us with sample from 12 different single barrels and we gathered our staff to taste through them.  We selected one with a high rye content for high spice and pepper, high alcohol content, and a long finish – perfect for our Ladd’s Manhattan.  The entire barrel was bottled with our logo and our customers who enjoyed it in-house were also able to buy bottles of it at a local liquor store.  It proved such a success that we soon expanded upon the program to include four other bourbons, plus a tequila, a rum, and an apple brandy.
Just like with that first barrel, we taste through samples of each barrel and select the flavor profiles we feel best fit a single, specific cocktail.  The barrels are then bottled with our logo and made available to us and at local stores.  We love that our customers are able to purchase bottles for their own home bars.  It creates a strong connection and a lasting memory between our customers and our bar.

Memorial Day thru Labor Day we are closed on Mondays

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PDX Beer Week – Brewer’s Dinner with Samuel Smith’s beer
Traditional, filling Sunday roast with 5 English ales
Sunday June 8 | 6:30pm | In the Rookery bar | 21+

We’ve been called beer geeks before.  There’s no argument here.  We love beer.  And we love bringing special brews to the restaurant that you might not see other places.  We are grabbing the ales by the horns on June 8 and hosting a fun event for you, in conjunction with PDX Beer Week!

Serving a delicious & filling meal alongside 5 Samuel Smith English beers.  This is a mighty special event for beer lovers, and enthusiasts!

You will drink flights & glass-pours of our favorite brews from Yorkshire’s oldest brewery, rightfully named The Old Brewery at Tadcaster, which was established in 1758.  A nod to our beautiful English carriage house, indeed.

A traditional meal enjoyed by folks from the British Isles, the Sunday roast consists of roasted meat, potatoes, and accompaniments like seasonal vegetables and -of course – Yorkshire pudding.  The tradition started during the England industrial revolution, when Yorkshire families would leave a cut of meat in the oven before going to church on Sunday morning, and the cut would be ready to eat when they arrived home at lunchtime

The Sam Smith’s beer line-up and menu: 

  • Salty drinking snacks and a welcome beer with Pure-brewed Organic Lager
  • Dinner is a bountiful spread, served with a flight of 3 beers: Nut Brown Ale, Oatmeal Stout, Apricot
    roasted meat
    mashed potatoes
    seasonal vegetables from the farmer’s market
    farm greens
    Yorkshire puddings – the perfect gravy & meat vessel. Who needs a fork!?
  • Dessert:
    chocolate cake, with coffee frosting made from and paired with Organic Chocolate Stout

60 dollars with gratuity, food, & beverage
To attend please contact Natalia@ravenandrosepdx.com do not call the restaurant

Thanks to our friends at

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Bar director David Shenaut and barman Alan Akwai host a series of monthly cocktail classes covering essential classic cocktails, teaching techniques and tools to make them at home.

This class teaches the fundamentals of home bartending, including  cocktail construction and recipes.  Guests will learn four fundamental vintage cocktails that are often misunderstood,  and Akwai and Shenaut will share the cocktails’ history and variations.  By rediscovering these drinks, and teaching the ways they can be made, attendees will come to understand the art behind the flavors of famous cocktails and how best to order them from bartenders.   Most importantly, they will leave class with the knowledge of how to make the beverages perfectly at home.  Everyone loves a dinner party with fine cocktails!

So, come thirsty for adult libations and with a hunger for knowledge – and leave with a new perspective and a shopping list!
We will help help you successfully show off your skills when you entertain at home.


Making Cocktails with Sparkling wine, featuring Argyle Winery

21+ | $50 with tastings and fancy snacks.
To reserve email natalia@ravenandrosepdx.com
3:00pm – 5:00pm
Sunday May 4, 2014  & Sunday, June 8

In the Rookery Bar 1331 SW Broadway | 503-222-7673

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