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Essential Cocktails for the Home 2014 Website

This month’s cocktail class covers entertaining at home with essential classic cocktails, and teaches techniques and tools to perfect historic and famous cocktails like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and – one of our favorites – punch!

Our class takes you on a casual, fun and, hands-on journey through several different cocktails, and teaches the fundamentals of home-bartending by outlining the fundamentals of vintage cocktails that are often misunderstood.

By rediscovering these drinks’ rich history, and teaching the ways they can be made, attendees will come to understand the art behind the flavors of famous cocktails and how best to order them from bartenders too. Most importantly, they will leave class with the knowledge of how to make the beverages perfectly at home. And, everyone loves a dinner party with fine cocktails and we will help you successfully show off your skills when you entertain at home.

Come thirsty for adult libations and with a hungry for knowledge – and leave with a new perspective, recipes, and a shopping list!

3:00pm – 5:00pm | October 5 & November 9, 2014
At Raven & Rose in the Rookery Bar 1331 SW Broadway
21+ only | $50 with cocktails and fancy snacks.
To reserve, email natalia@ravenandrosepdx.com


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We have been nominated to be Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Bar in the USA according to you – the people! You can help us win by voting online. Won’t you?

The People’s Best New Bars award is Food & Wine’s first-ever poll to rank the most incredible drink destinations in the country. They want to know what you think are the most innovative & beautiful new bars in America.

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Raven & Rose is teaming up with Breakside Brewery to host the first of a series of brewer’s dinners featuring five of their best beers alongside our epic English-style roast of farmers’ market veggies, wood-fired roasts, gravy, and Yorkshire pudding.


Welcome Beer - Breakside IPA

Beer Flight of 4
Oktoberfest Lager
Wanderlust IPA
Toro Red, lightly smoked amber ale with piment d’espelette
The Man Who Made Dessert, French-style farmhouse beer aged on Turkish apricots


1st: Carriage House salad, English smoked cheddar, carrots, toasted almonds,  radish, mint, creamy preserved lemon vinaigrette

2nd: Roasted Beef Tri-Tip & Wild Oregon King Salmon with seasonal famers’ market sides like
Oven-roasted Padron peppers, olive oil, lemon, sea salt
Butter-glazed carrots, parsley & lemon
Sautéed mushrooms , garlic, herbs, ricotta salata
Oven-roasted Zucchini, fennel, blistered tomatoes, roasted peppers, green harissa
Watermelon & heirloom tomatoes, arugula-sunflower pistou, sheep’s cheese


3rd: Dessert Beer Pairing
Millionaire squares, toffee & chocolate-covered shortbread, Jacobsen chili sea salt


Bourbon Barrel Aged Aztec, astrong amber ale with chocolate and chile aged in Bourbon barrels


September 28 at 6:30pm | $50, 5 beers paired with English Roast Supper
In the Historic Ladd Carriage House at 1331 SW Broadway
To reserve, email natalia@ravenandrosepdx.com


Sunday Supper Pic1


Sunday Roasts

A traditional meal enjoyed by folks from the British Isles, the Sunday roast consists of roasted meat, potatoes, and accompaniments like seasonal vegetables and Yorkshire pudding.  The tradition started during the England industrial revolution, when Yorkshire families would leave a cut of meat in the oven before going to church on Sunday morning, and the cut would be ready to eat when they arrived home at lunchtime.

Raven & Rose employees are more than just co-workers – we’re a family.  We share hugs every day, high-fives in the halls, and staff meal – or as we call it “family meal” – every night.  We want to extend that joy to our customers. So, we are kicking-off Sunday roasts, starting on April 6.   Carved-to-order meats, daily seasonal vegetables, and delicious sauces.

Our owner Lisa Mygrant and chef Troy Furuta have developed weekly menus, served family-style.  The inaugural Sunday Roast will be an awesome feast featuring a choice of roast meats carved for the table, with a selection of contemporary, seasonal takes on traditional accompaniments.

$35 per person for roast, sauce, potatoes, and a choice of sides for the table. To reserve your place, call Raven & Rose at 503-222-7673.
Regular a la carte menu not available on Sunday evenings in the dining room

Come be a part of our family!  We would love to have you.

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It’s that time of year again!
The Summer of Riesling!  From June 21 – September 21 we will celebrate riesling with the world!  Read more about it here.   We will have flights of German riesling, called “sekts” so that you can have the best sekts of your life with us! 


What is it?
A love affair with the world’s greatest grape expressed in full Technicolor.

because the glory of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles…
and the problem of Riesling is in its multiplicity of styles.

Every corner of the globe where wine is available.

From June 21st to September 21st (we ain’t kidding when we call it the Summer of Riesling!).

By bringing everyone together and handing them a glass of Riesling and engaging them in conversation, with the thrust of the dialogue centering on:
Balance…of bone-crushing acidity and potential sweetness
Complexity…like a conversation with Rust Cohle about M-Theory
Delicacy…as if Lionel Messi was shimmying through the Real Madrid defense
Longevity…suffice it to say, a sword of Valyrian steel does not last as long
Sense of Place…even Bigfoot’s footprint cannot encapsulate all the terroir that Riesling contains

(From our friends who run the Summer of Riesling Website.  Because, they say it best. )


Sparkling Wine Flight 062514


Sparkling Wine Flight 062514b

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