A gastropub, inspired by the British Isles

Lying in the Atlantic, just to the west of continental Europe, the British Isles contain the countries of England, The Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  These islands enjoy a mild maritme climate and rich soils, resulting in a land bursting with pristine ingredients from earth, air and sea.  This, coupled with the islands' vast and astounding cultural histories, has produced a fantastic array of cuisines - from humble to grand. Owner Lisa Mygrant's time spent living, cooking and learning in England and Ireland has inspired both the atmosphere and cuisine at Raven & Rose and The Rookery Bar.

Public houses, better known simply as "pubs," have existed for centuries as warm, inviting spaces where locals and travelers alike can go for simple food, strong drink, and often lodging.  In the late 20th century, some pubs began to focus more on food - expanding offerings from the traditional ploughman's meal of cold meat, cheese, bread and pickles to full restaurant menus - and thus was born the "gastropub."  Today, gastropubs run the gamut from typical, everyday estblishments to Michelin-starred fine-dining meccas.

At Raven & Rose, we strive to bring that warm, convivial atmosphere, coupled with pristine comfort food to the historic Ladd Carriage House in Downtown Portland.  Won't you join us?

Ingredients begin with the earth...

The quality and sourcing of our ingredients is our highest priority at Raven & Rose.  We work directly with our local farmers, purveyors and artisans to bring the very best to the each dish and drink we serve.  We strive to learn as much as possible about the sustainable, organic and humane practices of each of the producers, and work to select products with the highest integrity.  From pastured meats to sustainably harvested seafoods to organic produce to biodynamic and natural wines, the health of the planet and of our guests and our employees is paramount to our business philosophy.

We also believe that everything is better when it is handmade.  We are dedicated to making everything that we can in-house, daily and by hand.  Our kitchen produces fresh pastas, pastries, crackers, soups and sauces.  We butcher steaks, roasts, rabbits, birds, and fish in-house everyday.  For the bar, we hand-squeeze all of our juices each day, and make all of our own syrups, cordials and tinctures.  We believe it is all worth the effort, and we hope you will taste the difference!

One building, two unique spaces

The ground floor of the Carriage House houses the Raven & Rose restaurant dining room, providing a full-service fine dining experience for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch.

Originally the hayloft, the second floor is now home to The Rookery Bar, providing a fun, more casual lounge-style atmosphere.  Upstairs, you'll find our weekday happy hour, as well as a billiards table and live music! The Rookery offers a full pub-food menu and an extensive beverage program.  Be sure not to miss our signature single-barrel cocktails!

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